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Profemin is SCIENTIFICALLY shown to help relieve the major symptoms of menopause quickly, safely and naturally.

A U.S. clinical study of Profemin showed that over 96% of women experienced significant relief from 4 OR MORE of the most common, disruptive menopausal symptoms within 6 weeks– and without harmful side effects. Some women even reported relief IN AS LITTLE AS A WEEK!

Try Profemin™ TODAY and see the great results for yourself!


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  • Get a 60-day supply of Profemin (2 bottles)
  • FREE "Feeling Great Naturally – the Menopause Survival Guide"

You will be shipped 2 bottles of Profemin™, which is a 60-day supply. Profemin™ is yours to try for 30 days! Then, unless you call to cancel, after 30 days your credit card will be charged only $39.95 per bottle ($79.90 per shipment)! Every 60 days, we will send you a new 60-day supply of Profemin™ billed to your credit card at the same low price $39.95 per bottle ($79.90 per shipment) plus $9.95 S&P. You can stay on the program as long as you want and cancel at anytime! Usually, shipping and processing is $9.95, but today, you won't pay a thing!

A $40 value - FREE, just pay $7.95 shipping and handling!

Many women experiencing age-related hormone changes have trouble with weight control, body composition, and energy levels. That's why Profemin™ developed CitraTrim™ which contains a unique patented blend of natural citrus extracts for weight loss and body composition and guarana for energy. In a scientific study, women taking CitraTrim™ and eating a sensible diet saw a reduction of 10% in body fat and lost two inches off both their waist and hips in just 90 days.

A 30-day supply of CitraTrim™ is a $40 value, but with your Profemin order today you can get it for free - just pay $7.95 shipping and processing.


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